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It’s the 25th so it’s time for Meet The Author. This month, I am very happy to feature author Gavin Ough. Gavin is a British author (like yours truly), he hails from Kent in the UK.  I read Gavin’s interview with a smile and real admiration, it’s so refreshing to see a male writer turn his hand to contemporary romance :).I feel warm inside at this thought. Gavin is clearly a writer who does not do what is expected of him as a man… not write about love, feelings or relationships. Or try to make a romance junkie smile with his humour in his stories. Gavin is multi -talented now he has published his first book, he’s creating a  paranormal romance genre novel. I’m intrigued by him and excited about his paranormal work, are you? Good. Let’s get to know his style, what does our male romance author have to offer…

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5 Great Creative Writing Tips (Which I Never Follow)

A Writer's Path

I am very much a self-taught writer. I had to be; my formal English language education more or less ended in fourth grade when I immigrated to Israel. I learned mostly from reading, writing, and getting feedback from my friends. The only writing book I read during my adolescence was Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.

In recent years, however, I decided to see what I could learn from outside resources. So I took a few online creative writing classes through FutureLearn and Coursera, and read Anne Lammott’s Bird by Bird and Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I started reading essays passed around on social media about writing, and watched TED talks about writing and creativity, etc. etc. etc.

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From The Depths of Darkness

A new dawn rose over my life yesterday bringing warmth and new birth. Power burst through me and a wealth of knowledge flowed into my mind bringing peace and harmony to the universe.

Yes, I, Gavin Ough (just turned 43) …

…joined Twitter!!


No longer will I have to guess at what people’s innermost and secret thoughts are…

No longer will I have to wonder where they had dinner or what they ate…

No longer will I be able to dodge their unwanted and puerile political opinions…

Now, every thought that anyone ever had, ever will have or even didn’t have (huh?) is mine for the ingestion.

So follow and drop me a Tweet if ya like.

Gavin Ough


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Another good review!

In debut author Ough’s fantasy adventure, a young thief with a special gift is forced into a dangerous adventure to save his mother, his lover and his homeland. Despite growing up in the poor part of Palandine, the capital city of the kingdom of Trathlain, Gremlaw had a happy childhood. That is, until his father dies in a work accident, causing his mother to withdraw emotionally and leaving Gremlaw to fend for himself. As the youth becomes a thief, he discovers that he has a special ability. He studies crowds in the markets and trains himself to see the “patterns of people and the spaces that flowed between and around them.” Spotting the “spaces in between” allows him unnatural success in eluding capture. It’s early in his career as a subsistence
thief that Gremlaw befriends an orphaned street girl named Huleta, who quickly grabs the growing boy’s attention. But no sooner has a new normalcy been established than Gremlaw is forced into service by Duke Wattiern DeLarouge, a ruthless patriot who’ll do anything to protect Trathlain, including blackmailing Gremlaw. With the lives of his mother and Huleta in the balance, Gremlaw has no choice but to accept the duke’s mission. The neighboring empire of Lavash has a new plot to conquer Trathlain using a drug known as Forever. Addictive at first use, the drug robs people of their
wills and leaves them incapable of defeating their new addiction. Though he’s never been beyond the walls of his city, Gremlaw is sent out into Ough’s well-designed world to uncover the details of the plot and discover how the drug is
being distributed to the border garrisons that protect Trathlain from invasion. Through many trials, Gremlaw must use his wit and his abilities if he hopes to return home and save the lives of the women he loves. With strong writing and
characters to match, from Huleta’s staunch independence to the duke’s ends-justify-means attitude, Ough has penned a remarkable adventure. Though the very end of the second epilogue feels a little too pat, this is a journey worthy of
readers’ attention.

Even as a novella, Ough has written a satisfying story that will make readers wish for more stories from this world.


Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

This is the latest episode of Down in the Dark Woods – which you really should read!

Serealities® Interactive Serial Fiction

darkwoods75x99Vote at the end of this episode!

In the previous episode, Trewana and Clood were attacked in his house by a fire creature which killed his dog, Dax. Narrowly escaping in his car, readers voted that Trewana orders Clood to stop and uses her own powers against the beast.

Episode 5

I still had my foot welded to the floor and even with the engine bellowing its own angry cry, I heard her.

“Stop, Nathan Clood!” Trewana’s voice, although commanding, wasn’t raised at all.

As if she controlled me automatically, my foot jumped off the accelerator and stomped gently on the brake.

“What are you doing?” I squealed in horror, “Didn’t you see what that thing did to my house?” Trewana looked into my eyes and smiled,

“Believe in me, Nathan Clood. How do I get out of this…” she looked around, as if searching for some descriptive word,


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