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Review of Stunt by M.L. Rosado and A. Cely


Was asked to review this by one of the authors, M.L. Rosado and sent a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

I found myself saddened by this book. It’s a great story with brilliant characters and I did read it all the way through but…there are some problems with the writing. I’ve given it three stars on Gooodreads and Amazon which is not a kick in the pants.

The Good Bits

I don’t want to go in giving you the impression you shouldn’t read this so I’ll begin with all the good stuff about it. The characters are well realised and different. It’s easy to tell who’s speaking as their personalities come through.

Ginny’s on the run from her old boss and joins the traveling show Stunt to get away from him. She almost Immediately falls For Remo, the solidly muscled star of the show, not knowing anything about the different supernatural powers some of the cast have.

Tension builds as there’s a lot of ‘will they, won’t they?’ and some very steamy scenes happen between the two even before they’re officially together.

There are other characters to love in here too. Matt and Lisa are both interesting in their own ways, while Vlad and Bruce provide a number of comedy and touching moments.

The book is written from the perspective of the two main protagonists, Ginny and Remo, taking turns at telling their side of the story.

There’s quite a lot of sex in the book so if you enjoy reading erotic stories it’s definitely worth a look.

The Bad Bits

In almost every page, every paragraph, in fact every sentence there are conflicting tense issues. I’ve got no problem with different time perspectives but not in the same sentence. For example,

Producing television was very exciting, but I believe this is a good move for me.


I’m grateful, but it is time for me to move on

Some might find it distracting, I managed to read through them but it was difficult.

There are a couple of other things too. To begin with we are told the superhuman characters refer to humans as ‘criers’ as they’re unable to cry, yet at the end of the book two different supernatural characters do just that.

The character’s speech is archaic and not representative of how anyone speaks any more. While the pair do use contractions they’re few and far between and more likely to be used outside speech than not.

“Do not talk about me when I’m standing right here, sir,”

There are quite a few cannot’s and do not’s peppering the speech it makes things seem a bit odd.

Overall I managed to get through the story in spite of these mistakes but it would have been an enjoyable read if it had been proofread and edited.

According to the book it was published by The Hartwood Publishing Group, LLC, a company I know nothing about. Having said that, if this is the quality of thing they are publishing, I’d avoid them at all costs.

If you want a copy, click here.


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