book reviews

Nights Arose by Andrea Roche


Amazing, detailed and completely believable. I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Nessarose begins her story through the use of her talent to astral project and see into her recent past. She examines her younger self as she grows into womanhood and spends time aboard her uncle’s ship with the slightly older Blaze as companion.
As heiress to her father’s estate, Arose is expected to be demure and ladylike. In reality she is anything but, strapping her breasts down and exploring her world as a young man who not even her childhood friends recognise.
She’s a fighter of demons, friend to a dragon and has a necklace with a protective spirit inside. Yet these are all things the local Voodoo priestess and her family want to take from her along with her wealth and power. And who is the intriguing, sexy Captain St. James?

Roche has conjured a snapshot of Jamaica’s past, filled it with characters that are incredibly alive. Detailed descriptions bring her world to life and the pacing is consistent. I didn’t notice any errors in the book which makes it an easy read.

Grab your copy here.


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