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Wanna Free Review?

Okay, so this is probably not a good idea but I’ve decided to start reviewing books for two reasons.

Reason One: NO ONE is willing to give me any free reviews of my books!!

Reason Two: I really do like reading all sorts of stuff.

So do you? Wanna free review I mean? If you do and you’re an indie publisher [gotta support the home crew] drop me an email at or send me a message on Twitter @gavinough1.


From what I’ve seen on other sites some people are a little demanding when it comes to getting reviews. They want one and they want it now! Just to let you know, I don’t roll that way. Feel free to send me your manuscript but I won’t be pressured into giving you one (ooh-er) to any kind of time-frame and quite frankly if you’re gonna try and demand I review your stuff I’ll trash it and move on.

Similarly, don’t expect me to read everything and anything you send. If it doesn’t interest me I’m not likely to read it. (Check out the list of stuff I’m more likely to read below.)

Plus I won’t coddle you. If what you’ve decided to send me is a heap of old granny pants I’ll tell you. No offense but I would expect the same myself. What you will get is a brief overview of your story, a star rating if it’s offered on the sites and an honest review. They will be my opinion though, just my opinion.

I’ll post reviews to Amazon (if you’re on there), Goodreads, on here, Facebook and Twitter.

Stuff I Wanna Read


Thanks to Pixabay for the image.

Ebooks or physical copies are equally fine, .mobi, PDF and epub files are all acceptable too. As to genres I’m fairly open, I like sci-fi, fantasy, comedies, romance and chick-lit (obviously), horror, suspense and all sorts.

Stuff I Don’t Wanna Read

Any kind of non-fiction. I’m a fiction writer peeps, I don’t want to deal with the real world at all. Poems (sorry I just don’t get it!) Regency or Period drama/romance type stuff. Kids books. Anything that’s blatantly just an attack on a certain type of person, race, religion, political opinion etc. It’s fine to have a bigoted character, it’s not fine to have a bigoted book. I also don’t really want to read million word epics either, so don’t send me it thanks.

There we have it, I think. If you want me to have a look at your book, drop me a message at or send me a message on Twitter @gavinough1 Thanks and here’s a cute puppy for your time.


Thanks to Pixabay for the image.


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