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The Flirting Games Book 1 Review

Okay then, straight off with the first review of The Flirting Games Book 1 by Stella Wilkinson.

The Flirting Games (The Flirting Games Series Book 1) by [Wilkinson, Stella]

Click to download for free.

I was surprised at how much I liked this book. To begin with I thought it was going to be dull and nothing like anything I’d normally read.
Ellie and her brother attend Compass Court boarding school along with two cousins and a young American girl called Flora. Being written about a group of fifteen to seventeen year olds at a boarding school put me off initially but as I read further I started to warm to the main characters. Ellie tries to distract the attention of Nate who has his sights set on her cousin Rose. Rose is sweet and innocent and Ellie vows not to let Nate use her like he has so many other girls at the school.
Nate himself is well aware of Ellie’s intentions and decides to play her at her own game. However, somewhere in all the moves and counter moves the pair start to have real feelings for each other and a love blossoms between them.
Stella Wilkinson has created a complex and believable set of characters in The Flirting Games and it’s easy to empathise with how they’re feeling. Throw in a healthy dose of humour and a bit of kissing and you’ve got a nice little read.

The Flirting Games Book One is currently available on Kindle for free, click here for your copy.


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