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Wuvwy Animal Wednesday!

Some people have been asking me if I’ve got any photos of the pets I mention in my bios on books and websites and the basic answer is yes. So here, in a feel good post (with a catchy title)  are some pretty photos of the pets what are in me life.


In an incredibly risky revelation I’m going to kick off by saying I like dogs more than cats. I realise the internet is a cat-lovers paradise and I’ll come in for a stream of abuse and flack but there you are.

This beautiful man was Jasper. Unfortunately you read that right as he passed away about seven years ago now. Jazzy-boy you will always be missed.

This thing is Arthur, often referred to as ‘The cantankerous Yorkshire Terrier’

The cantankerous Yorkshire Terrier…

Hobbies include barking, yapping and barking more. If there’s a siren he barks. If the wind blows he barks. When I Hoover he barks. If nothing happens he barks. But it’s not just a bark, it’s the highest pitched, yappiest, ear splitting sound you’ll ever hear.

This is Fudge the bestest, most loving, good choccy lab there ever did be. After the sad loss of Jasper, we managed to find this lovely specimen for sale by a “breeder”. I put that in quotation marks as when we got him home he stank of cigarette smoke and was covered in fleas. I have to say he’s not always quite as distinguished as he appears in these pictures.


There are currently six – SIX! – cats in our house. Our four and two that came to us when the daughter moved back in. Six!

Brennan and Booth (yes, from Bones) are the original two cats we had. She’s the tortoiseshell one and was an unplanned addition to the family. Originally we were going to get Booth in all his pristine glory but when my wife and eldest daughter came back from the lovely gentleman who was selling them there were two. In a stunningly bad move, we got Booth neutered. I say bad move as we should have had Brennan spayed first. A move she rewarded us with by getting pregnant. Resulting in…

Coco and Angel. These are the two we kept of the six (where have I seen that number before?) kittens Bren-Bren had. Coco the black and white one was my wife’s favourite while we just couldn’t find anywhere for Angel so she stayed.

Kitten 1

Iccle baby Coco, not long been born and sleeping in a hand (possibly mine).


Do I know I’m beautiful? Yes. Yes I do.


Despite appearances, I’m not as high as a kite. Nor is the human I’m cuddling.

Fudge and Coco 3

Aww the bromance boys holding hands  All out cats love Fudge but he and Coco share a ‘special’ bond.

So there we have some of the lifeforms that share the house with me. I based a cat in Time To Turn Back on one of them grab your free copy here and see if you can tell which one.

Got a pet as cute? Drop a comment or send a pic, I’d love to see them.


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