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Top Ten Paranormal Romance Review Sites

In a follow up to my earlier post Top Ten Chick Lit Blog Sites, I’ve compiled a list of blog and review sites for us Indie authors to go and visit for reviews. So I’ll just leap straight in with…

1. Smexy Books


One of the first I managed to find that actually accept Indie authors, Smexy books do say that if you’re an unknown (to them) author they’ll make a decision as to whether they review according to the blurb you send. WIth a four to six week turnaround for a review and an easy, online submission form they run a great looking site and service so make sure to check them out here.

2. Fiction Vixen


Similar to Smexy Books, Fiction Vixen has an easy to use, online submission form. Your submission request is held in their database for three months for a reviewer to choose. If your book is selected the reviewer can contact you for a copy directly and you can take it from there. Click here to go visit the site that features reviews, extracts and paid advertising space.

3. Maryse’s Book Blog


A gorgeous little site run by Maryse and when she’s not enjoying candles that smell like dessert, stiletto heels, sugary treats and vodka martinis, she loves to read. With high site traffic and numerous followers on various social media platforms this is an incredible little site. Unfortunately Maryse’s time is short due to the large amount of requests she gets. There’s a contact form (although the page didn’t load when I tried it) and email address for submissions but your book needs to catch Maryse’s imagination to be read. Check her blog out here.



Angie has a beautifully created, simple but informative site that has a large volume of reviews featured on it. She’s got a couple of options to contact her, email address or contact form, but as with other sites Angie stresses the fact she gets a large number of requests and can’t review them all. Click here to head over there and have a look.

5. Book Binge


Book Binge has submissions via email where they ask you to include title, length and description of the book. As with all these sites, they offer an unbiased, honest review and don’t hold back. If your book ‘sucks big donkey balls’ they’ll say so in their review.

sucks big donkey balls

Click here to visit if you dare!

6. The Good, The Bad and The Unread


The tagline for this site is Reading, Ranting and Reviewing by readers and they clearly admit they’re not overly cerebral and like to rant and swear a little. I actually had difficulty in finding where to send a request on here but it is possible to find the email address on their Pond page. They feature guest authors and add excerpts. Click here to visit.

7. Book Rock Betty


Book Rock Betty reads contemporary, romance, fantasy, dystopian, historical and chick lit but not erotica. She’s also got three ‘baby Betty’s’ (her kids) who happily give their unbiased opinion on children’s books. While Betty does read self published and Indie authors, she says the tale must ‘jump out at her’ and if it’s part of a series, she won’t read them out of order. Click here for reviews, guest posts and giveaways.

8. Dear Author


Dear Author is a site ‘For readers by Readers’ and has a host of features for authors and readers alike. Reviews, news and essays sit alongside reading recommendations and a daily deals section. Review submission is via email and there is a small set of instructions to follow if you wish to be considered. Click here to visit.

9. Reading Romances


Run by Nat, the site’s only reviewer, Reading Romances is an impressive site that has interviews and guest blogs alongside the reviews. There’s a submissions form on the site but as with all these blog sites, time is limited and Nat reserves the right to only read/review those she has time to get to. Click here to head over and have a look.

10. Romance Novels For Feminists


‘For readers who like a little equality with their love’ RNFF is run by Jackie Horne, a self confessed ‘rabid reader of romance. Submission id by email but reviews are only offered to Indie authors who have had their books proofread and copy edited professionally. Click here to visit.

So there we have it, by no means an exhaustive list but a list nonetheless and one I’ve submitted my book, Time to Turn Back, to most of as I’ve been compiling it so I might do an update on those that got back to me in future.



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