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Hello, good evening and welcome to…

some flagrant self promotion!!

In the ever expanding, ever growing ebook market, in amongst all the other tales – from bestsellers to unsaleable dross – is my new book. And in a wonderful flash of inspiration you can download it from Smashwords for FREE.


It’s a paranormal romance novel, the first in the Timesketch Chronicles series, and follows the story of Kat Fitsimmons.

She discovers her grandfather (who raised her after her parents died) fathered a child in his late teens, around the outbreak of WWII. The pregnant girl is Russian and gets taken away to the Isle of Man interment camps before being deported back to Russia.

Kat’s step-cousin turns up (a Russian criminal) and threatens Kat who he believes knows the location of a valuable necklace his grandmother left with her grandfather for safekeeping.

Xander Michaels is able to see into people’s pasts and helps Kat to discover just what happened with her grandfather all those years before. even though Xander has this strange power, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and combined with his troubled past Xander’s got some problems.

Fancy a look? Click here to read the first couple of chapters free or click the picture below for a free copy!



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