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How To Write Funny

One of the first things everyone tells you about writing is ‘Write about what you know.’

So what happens if you don’t know anything?

You’re stuffed.

Aren’t you?

The simple answer is no for the simple reason you do know something.  Even if that something is how to clean a toilet the right way it can be a starting point. In my new book, Poppy’s Proposal, there’s a scene where one of the main characters – and love interest – hands in a large, green sex toy at the hotel reception.

man-211505_1280Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Now what I need to tell you about that particular scene is it actually happened.  A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I spent a little while working as a room attendant in a well-known roadside chain hotel (that will remain nameless). Changing sheets, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming and stocking up the tea and coffee sachets.

One of the main responsibilities as part of the vacuuming process was to check under the beds for any possessions the previous guest had left. As a newbie at the time, I forgot this vital part of the job and duly closed up the room ready for that night’s guest.

No sooner had I arrived the following day than I was gleefully informed that an elderly lady had presented the evening receptionist with a rather prominent sex toy.  OOPS!

Rather than that being the slightly amusing end to the story, the husband of the woman who owned the implement in question was forced to call in to retrieve it as it was…

…her favourite one!

So a that was how a simple cleaning job in a hotel gave me the inspiration to create one of the most iconic scenes in the book.

Drop me a line if this is the kind of craziness that’s happened to you and I might be able to feature it in a future book. (I know that’s a blatant request for material but as Poppy might say, “What’s a girl to do?)

Click the image to buy a copy.



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