Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

This is the latest episode of Down in the Dark Woods – which you really should read!

Serealities® by Haiku

darkwoods75x99Vote at the end of this episode!

In the previous episode, Trewana and Clood were attacked in his house by a fire creature which killed his dog, Dax. Narrowly escaping in his car, readers voted that Trewana orders Clood to stop and uses her own powers against the beast.

Episode 5

I still had my foot welded to the floor and even with the engine bellowing its own angry cry, I heard her.

“Stop, Nathan Clood!” Trewana’s voice, although commanding, wasn’t raised at all.

As if she controlled me automatically, my foot jumped off the accelerator and stomped gently on the brake.

“What are you doing?” I squealed in horror, “Didn’t you see what that thing did to my house?” Trewana looked into my eyes and smiled,

“Believe in me, Nathan Clood. How do I get out of this…” she looked around, as if searching for some descriptive word,


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